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A cutting-edge study, brought to the highest levels by professional sun skills. A team of architects and interior designers, coming from many corners of the globe, each with a different background and approach, features that make the skills of the study varied and complementary. A puzzle, made of many different elements, which find their perfection in union with the others and complete with them.

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click on the photo and watch the video

Selina Bertola


I graduated in Architecture and I specialized in Interior design in 2005 at the Polytechnic of Milan; after which, my desire to discover new ways of living, I moved to London, where I attended a master’s degree in Interior and spatial design at the Chelsea College of Arts and Design. After the master’s degree, I worked with the architecture firm Artillery Architecture and Interior Design in London. Here I was able to follow different projects, from the concept phase to the construction phase, which gave me the opportunity to work in Paris and in Frankfurt. In 2008 I decided to return to Italy to collaborate with some well-known studios in Milan, where I further strengthened my interest in interior architecture, following a wide range of projects, from hotels to residences, up to installations, increasing my skills in these areas. The passion and interest in different cultures lead me to travel all over the world: so I can develop my background more and more, linked to the different ways of living and living. And so, in 2010 I decided to found the Architecture and Interior Design studio Nomade, to put in place all the skills acquired and collaborate with eclectic professionals, who share with me a vision that looks far away, as well as passion for the beautiful and for the interior architecture.

Alessia Isidori

Associate, Project Coordinator

Daniela Aru

Associate, Project Coordinator


Associate, Project Designer


Associate, Project Coordinator

Elena Mascheri

Project Designer

Francesca Ferrari

Associate, Project Manager

Ilaria Longoni


Michela Perego

Senior Project Manager

Serena Baragona

Project Coordinator

Cristina Caputo

Project Manager

Anna Leddi


Giuliana Polizzi



Administrative Secretary


Segretaria Amministrativa

Dana Younes


Varisa Makkasaman

Social Media Manager

Vera Canevazzi

Vera Canevazzi

Art Consultant

Sara di Labbio


Roberta Sinesio


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