Location: Milan
Year: 2021

We design spaces, we design emotions and we are convinced that a beautiful environment, which transmits good energy, improves the quality of life of those who live it. We moved to a new studio, in the previous one there was no longer enough space to contain us and our creativity, so, after a rather quick search, we found the perfect space for us. A loft (like all our previous studios), in the heart of the Navigli area, a very large and bright, perfect for us. A beautiful circular window overlooks a small private courtyard and allows us to enjoy the view of the plants that enrich it. The stained glass window brings to mind the New York lofts we love

so much. In front of this we have created a relaxation area, with sofas and armchairs and above all many plants. In the center of the space we have designed a meeting room in iron and glass, bright and very large, which becomes a sort of lighthouse and around which the whole studio moves. The two open space areas are located to the right and left of this, while on the perimeter wall of the studio we have organized a second meeting room, Selina’s office and a large sample room. Also in this study could not be missing the Londonart  wallpaper depicting trapeze artists, we like to think that they are the ones to synthesize who we are!


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