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The new Bonn Street Michael Kors store is located in a Victorian building in central London’s Old Bond Street area. On the ground and second floor is the Women’s Collection, on the second floor is the Men’s Collection, while on the fourth floor is designed a V.I.P. area.The concept of the project is a very interesting mix, on the one hand it wants to preserve the typical architectural elements of the Victorian building, starting with its fireplaces, while on the other hand the intervention Sta between contemporary taste and an industrial-chic taste. An alternation of wood and concrete on the floor, ceilings and walls creates an interesting rhythm in the building’s ascent. Plaster cornices typical of the Victorian style have been restored and revived in a more contemporary way in the use of marble around the fireplaces. It was chosen to intervene with vintage furnishings That characterize the environment with a domestic flavor. The idea behind the project is to create a store where customers can feel at home.

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Platform, December 2020 > article