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The apartment is located in a central area of Milan made extremely dynamic by the coexistence of historic buildings, parks and shops and more recent offices, clubs and restaurants. The intervention was radical both in terms of internal redistribution of the premises and in terms of style. The project, commissioned by a young family of professionals, combines the historicity and liveliness of the neighborhood by making color the leitmotif that accompanies the various environments by combining traditional and elegant materials. The apartment opens onto the living area designed for multifunctional use, relaxation, dining room, work area, and connected to the kitchen by a white iron window that offers different configurations by connecting or separating the two spaces. The floor in the living room and sleeping area is in solid wood laid in a Hungarian herringbone pattern, while the floor in the kitchen is made up of maxi slabs in Primavera di Mutina stoneware, a reinterpretation of the traditional terrace. The colors of the floor are echoed in the pink of the kitchen furniture and in the deep blue of the equipped wall that leads to the sleeping area. The sleeping area is organized with the children’s room, with rather neutral furnishings so as to be able to follow their growth, and the children’s bathroom, with a hexagonal stoneware floor where we find underlined shades of pink, green and blue from the mint green lacquered wooden cabinet. The master bedroom and en-suite bathroom, on the other hand, are characterized by more traditional materials such as the Vienna straw of the wardrobe and the zelliges, Moroccan handcrafted tiles, of the bathroom cladding. The “Bird & Pomegrade” wallpaper by William Morris forms the backdrop to the double bed, while “The forbidden fruit” by Fornasetti makes the last room, the study, elegant and cheerful thanks to accents in shades of yellow, green and blue. A laundry room completes the sleeping area. The lamps, the result of careful research carried out with the enthusiastic collaboration of customers, underline the character of each room. In the living room a large suspension lamp in shades of bronze frames the sofa area, the Monkey Lamp by Seletti was chosen for the children’s room, while in the study and in the bedroom two important chandeliers interact with the wallpapers thanks to their organic shapes. An apartment where you breathe the energy of the family who live there and on which we worked with great enthusiasm thanks also to the confident participation of the client.

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