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The project is located in one of the more expanding areas of Milano, near Fondazione Prada.

The offices are located in a loft on two levels, a lower floor with an open space area, one office and a meeting room, and mezzanine level, where the main office and meeting room are organized which overlooks the double height space.

The interiors want to reflect the young and dynamic character of society, bright and clear spaces, characterized by an industrial taste with pop accents.

A cement-effect wallpaper was applied on the double-height wall to recall the industrial origin of the space. This was then characterized by a red neon phrase, which contrasts with the rest with a pop accent.

In order to optimize the space, most of the furniture are designed to measure, like the iconic furniture at the entrance, which has a double function: waiting area for clients and on the back, support for the coffee area.

Overall it is a simple and effective intervention, which in a few colors and signs characterizes a strong identity.