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Casa Amar - Nomade Architettura


There is a legend that advises against designing a friend’s house. Well, we’ve never been happier to debunk this myth. The house in question is owned by an Italian-Moroccan couple of great friends of Selina, the owners of Casa Amar, which deals with the import of well-made Moroccan carpets, with a particular eye to the sustainability of their production. The couple, fond of their Milanese home, decided it was time for a restyling. The layout has remained almost unchanged, but what we have particularly focused on are the lights, the finishing materials and the furnishings. Starting with the living area, enriched by a mural with deliberately bright colors and a Moroccan appeal, which seems to want to draw a sun that illuminates the room and the design of a furniture that creates a sort of booth-bookcase with respect to the entrance. The living area has been enriched with gold-colored wall lamps and the chandelier that dominates the dining table. The corridor leading to the sleeping area was deliberately poped-up with the use of wallpaper that covers part of the walls and ceiling, creating a decidedly enveloping effect with a taste of magic. The corridor opensto the master bedroom, with soft colors and delicate North African accents and the children’s room, enriched by a beautiful watercolor effect wallpaper and a large furniture in Vienna straw and wood that contains both clothes and toys. some children. A colorful and enveloping house, just like the family that lives in it!

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