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Designing is always beautiful and we love every project we do, some projects, however, have a special place in our hearts. Casa Amar, however small, is certainly one of them. The clients are a couple of dear friends, very special people, who have decided to start a completely new professional adventure. She Moroccan, he Italian, they opened Casa Amar for passion, for love, to pursue a dream. They import Moroccan carpets to Italy and we had the honor of following the project of their first showroom in Milan, on the Navigli. One of the things we love about their selection is the passion they put into each of their journeys to discover new carpets, in search of excellent quality, but also and above all in respect for the workers who make them, their working conditions and correct remuneration. The showroom reflects the freshness, variety, and colors of the rugs. The project is deliberately cautious, the tones of the wood, of the resin flooring, of the walls are neutral, to let these unique pieces with an extraordinary story speak for themselves. A theme investigated with particular attention was clearly the exposure, but also the stock. The showroom is not equipped with a cellar or a “back”, the 50 square meters contain everything. It was therefore important to study an easy, versatile and comfortable “ladder” display system, which would allow the carpets to be displayed in the best possible way, to then equip the space with a custom-made shelving that took into account the size and weight of the carpets. The apricot-colored velvet curtain (a term that derives from the Arabic al-barqūq), which evokes the tones of Morocco, in addition to connoting the space, hides an additional shelving that optimizes the stock of the space The request of the customers from the beginning was that of a simple, elegant, fresh and last but not least, tidy satiety. And here is the need to find a trick that -characterizes the space but at the same time acts as a “screen”. And now Casa Amar has found a home that speaks of Morocco, that speaks of dreams.

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