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Nomade Architettura designed the brand-new headquarters for leading European tech company Bending Spoons. The workspace is found in the heart of Milan, a few steps from Corso Como and
Garibaldi Metro station.
The final design is the result of the incredibly open dialogue and great collaboration between the company and the architectural firm, and embodies the extreme care the company has for its
Spooners, who were the focal element around which all aesthetic and functional choices were made. The workspace is spread over three floors, of approximately 1,000 square meters each. The first
and second floors are purely dedicated to workstations, with open spaces, meeting rooms, and individual focus rooms. On these floors, there are also relaxation areas and lactation rooms. The third floor is a multifunctional space, dedicated to the canteen, the game area, and the bar.
The fit-out was guided by the need to include a large number of meeting rooms and individual workspaces in an environment initially conceived as an open space-an endeavor that created design challenges and opportunities. For the layout, it was decided to utilize the periphery of the area-surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows-for open-space activities, and for group work with the addition of silent rooms. The central part of the floor plan is instead dedicated to more enclosed and private spaces, to accommodate individual work. As the new HQ represents an evolution of the previous one (located just a few meters away, on Corso Como), it retains many of the same aesthetic values that resonate with Spooners: attention to nature and lines, and a love of Nordic design (the co-founders started the company in Denmark in 2013). Accordingly, the offices are characterized by the extensive use of wood, applied in all dimensions, and by the significant green accents of plants woven throughout, interrupting the precision of the space by covering ceilings, walls, and corners. Curved lines feature prominently in the space, and are found both in the layout to emphasize the
fluidity of movement and on the interior facades to echo the sinuosity of the Bending Spoons logo. The pattern of dots on the interior walls of the first and second floors forms the Bending Spoons logo-visually connecting the two floors and serving as a metaphor for the individual Spooners who together create a larger design. While the external designs of meeting and focus rooms are all uniform with the same materials and sign style, the opposite is found within these spaces. The intention was to create a variety of environments that could cater to the different desires and habits of Spooners, so that each individual could find their own space-with flexibility and, above all, functionality as the highest priorities. Thus, themed rooms were designed, mirroring various environments, such as Water,
Electric City, Metal, and Cloud. These are spaces with distinct, immersive, and stimulating qualities, catering to a wide range of concentration needs. This concept was also applied to the meeting rooms, with some being more soothing and adorned simply with greenery, while others
are distinguished by wallpaper that uniquely and dynamically represents natural elements or
landscapes. The third floor is a departure from the other levels, designed for leisure, play, and live events. The
canteen is located here, featuring a spacious, carefully equipped, and functional kitchen, as well as a game area and bar. The space dedicated to tables and chairs is also used as an auditorium for
presentations and discussions among Spooners. Natural elements are incorporated here as well, with small trees placed on a sinuous wooden bench that traces the perimeter of the space. On the
same floor, there’s an activity room-a multipurpose space with a grand piano. The desks and meeting room tables, custom-designed according to the ergonomic and
technological standards of the company, also deserve a mention. The technology within the tables is concealed yet remains fully accessible, enhancing the functionality of work tools like surface-
integrated phone chargers. This seamless integration ensures optimal utility while meticulously adhering to the project’s design aesthetic.
An exciting, enjoyable, and truly one-of-a-kind project, this office was designed to be a tangible response to the needs of a company that stands out not only for its innovation, but also for its deep commitment to its people. Good luck, Spooners!

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