Location: Milan
Year: 2020

Milan has been changing for a few years with the rise of new neighborhoods. The city is looking for inspiration in foreign models to project itself towards the future. These neighborhoods are changing to become the new melting pot of Milan. This is especially true for Porta Nuova area, an iconic piece of Milan, which is transforming into a modern neighborhood, with new glass buildings and skyscrapers. Torre Solaria is at the center of these new buildings;  it is the tallest residential building in Italy standing 143 meters. In this tower, we designed an apartment for a young professional couple who wanted to completely rethink the interior and layout of their apartment and transform it into something they could call and feel like Home. The clients requested a “Hygge”, such word is untranslatable, so we can explain it: Hygge is meant to convey and combine a will for personal well-being, sharing with loved ones, and attachment to one’s home. We started to research and concluded being able to combine warmth and comfort into a modern apartment, with a contemporary edge. The entrance opens into a small hallway that leads to the living area. There is an open kitchen facing the living room. Natural light is the absolute hero throughout the entire apartment, which benefits from a truly unique view of the city. Our design intention,

right from the get-go was to create warm finishes interiors with a particular eye on functionality. We choose warm oak wood, played with brass and black iron details, and added a luxurious touch with the Calacatta marble used both for the kitchen, and the countertop island which connects the spaces. Most of the furniture was custom. The night areas are composed of two bedrooms and two bathrooms which are connected by a large and bright wooden walk-in closet, a mirror, and iron designed details. The master bedroom has a splendid outside view. For this space, we used the wood in a special way as in the rest of the apartment. Everything in this master bedroom is studied and designed from A to Z, including the headboard of the bed, which is a custom made inlaid wood design. For the master bathroom, we choose to combine Calacatta Corchia marble and resin, and placed a large bathtub under the window. The Altamarea marble and wood washbasin create an interesting contrast with the surroundings. The design for the second bedroom is precious and romantic, we played with shades of antique pink and dove gray, which go very well with the golden details of the bathroom connected to it, covered in Vagli Oro. Another small bathroom is located at the entrance, for which we choose resin and Bardiglio combined to create an elegant and informal look.


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